Central Banks Worldwide Cut Interest Rates As Fear Of Another Recession Looms

The trade war between America and China has affected many global economies with most countries reducing their GDP growth by 1-2 percent.

This slow economic growth has forced many companies to close down and millions of people jobless worldwide.

The fear of a looming recession has kept away investors from buying riskier assets such as stocks and most are pumping money into bonds as the third quarter of the year comes to a close.

Investors continue to brace for a cyclical downturn that they have been anticipating for the better part of four years.

In a bid to combat global economic slowdown, major central banks have cut their interests several times.

Since July the US Federal Reserve has cut interest rates twice and is expected to cut rates again at the end of this month.European Central Bank (ECB) has also restarted the quantitative easing program.

The US reserve cut rates twice in 3Quarters of 2019, while the ECB reduced rates and is to resume bond purchases. Markets are now pricing in negative rates for more than a decade to come.

Most investors worldwide have found solace in gold,real estate and government bonds as they brace themselves for the next four years.



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