Coca-Cola Africa Foundation and AMREF Africa partner to provide clean water and sanitation for 6 million people.

The coca cola Africa foundation in partnership with Amref Kenya launched an initiative to improve the health and economic empowerment of more than 500,000 through improved access to water, sanitation and income generating activities. This partnership is part of TCCAF’S replenish Africa initiative (RAIN).It aims to reach 6 million people throughout Africa.The launch addresses the gap to achieving sustainable development goals by: Increasing access to safe sanitation and hygiene and increasing livelihood opportunities for women and youth.

Ministry of water and irrigation Principal secretary Professor Fred H. K. Segor said, ‘With this project our goal is to reach full and reliable access to safe drinking water for residents of kitui. I would like to thank the Coca Cola foundation, Replenish Africa initiative and AMREF Health Africa for your effort to achieve SDG 6.To provide sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

With funding support of more than USD 4.2 million from TCCAF,Amref will work with local and national governments, adopting a systems wide approach to implement key project activities including multiple use water services, community led total sanitation as well as waste management and horticulture to generate income for women and youth. This project is expected to be completed by February 2020.

President of TCCAF Dr Susan Mboga said, ‘Water is the most essential ingredient for a healthy and productive uses such as agriculture, a constant worry for many people. We recognize the urgency of these issues and that is why the coca cola Africa foundation has taken his step through the RAIN program to contribute to achieve the sdgs and ensure access of safe drinking water for all.

Group CEO AMREF Health Africa Githinji Gitahi said, ‘Development needs a big shift in thinking from just building infrastructure to creating and strengthening institutions through innovation and entrepreneurship. We know that the lasting health and economic benefits of water, sanitation and hygiene are optimized under conditions of full and sustainable access to these services.’

The coca cola Africa Foundation is an entity funded through Coca Cola that implants community development programs throughout Africa. The foundations community activities focus on three key areas central to life in Africa: water, health systems strengthening and empowerment. Coca cola Africa foundation is also involved in humanitarian assistance in Africa for disaster relief and emergency assistance.


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