KIFWA extends olive branch to Kenya Revenue Authority in pursuit of sector streamlining and revival

The Kenya International Freight and Warehouse Association (KIFWA) has embarked on an aggressive rebranding programme, the first of several steps as part of the association steps up efforts to revive its activities and streamline the clearing and forwarding sector.

Further, in a move meant to mend their frosty relationship with Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), KIFWA chairman – William Ojonyo, says the association will also withdraw all cases going on in court against the tax collector, saying “the way forward for us is to have a better working relationship with KRA. We can never run away from KRA. We can never run away from customs. The only way forward is to dialogue,” he said during a breakfast meeting of KIFWA members in Nairobi.All matters in court should be withdrawn because we cannot solve everything through the court and neither can we be in court forever.”

In spelling out an elaborate reform agenda under his leadership, Ojonyo reiterated transforming the image of clearing and forwarding agents is “not just urgent but unstoppable.”
We must have a reform agenda. We must change how we look because we cannot keep blaming others when we ourselves have image problems.

“We need to reform ourselves. We need to reform how we do things and how we operate to make us more vibrant and competitive in the changing times.”

KIFWA is proposing minimum training standards for all directors and company owners as pre-condition for renewal of licenses, which training they hope to actualize through a partnership with Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), which has developed a degree and other related programmes, which will be rolled out in May 2018 after approval by the relevant university education authorities.

KIFWA will be engaging KRA more in, out court dialogue as a partner and reduce the number of litigations against the taxman and instead will work towards encouraging more of its members to undergo due diligence in order to be able to be eligible to renew licenses.”
”This is a service industry and it is not feasible that you want to be a director of something you don’t want to understand.”

Meanwhile, Nairobi will host the 2nd Annual Flower Logistics Africa Conference and the Inaugural Perishables Logistics Africa Conferences to be held on 11 and 12 October.
The two-day events will, among other objectives, open dialogue and facilitate sharing of ideas, knowledge and practical solutions to improve logistics and supply chain performance of key perishable commodities exported from Africa.

Organized by Log Update Africa, a bi-monthly magazine bringing the most credible news, views and stories about Africa’s evolving transport and logistics industries; the event has also attracted participation from Kenya Flower Council, Cool Chain Association and the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service, with international participants including Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association, Saudia Cargo, Union Fleurs and International Association of Horticultural Producers.

It is the sole representative of all clearing, forwarding and warehousing companies in Kenya
Its formation was born out of the need to form one national body which is cohesive enough to represent the interests of all its members

Its interests were previously served by the Kenya Clearing, Forwarding and Warehousing Association (KCFWA) and Kenya Association of Freight Forwarders (KAFF). The need to merge was mooted in 1996 and a steering committee under the chairmanship of Mr. S M Njoroge


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