Mercy Owuor of Lwala Community Alliance honored in Geneva for exemplary work in healthcare.

The Women in Global Health (WGH) Movement honored Kenya’s Mercy Owuor of Lwala Community Alliance in Geneva, Switzerland on May 22nd 2017 alongside 12 other women at the movements’ “Heroines of Health” gala event.

The movement recognized Mercy for her role in the “help a child reach their 5th birthday” initiative that is championed by the Lwala Community Alliance initiative. The initiative strives to extend clinical services and community outreach efforts to children under the age of 5 and has reduced under 5 mortality in the community by 64%.

Mercy Owuor is the community programs director for Lwala Community Alliance in Migori, Kenya, where she oversees, leads and directs the execution of the annual program plan of the alliance.

Lwala Community Alliance is a community-led innovator, tackling the multidimensional drivers of poor health. It works with primary care facilities and the communities to drastically reduce maternal and child mortality in western Kenya, by tackling the key drivers of deaths – unplanned pregnancies, mother-to-child transmission of HIV, poor prenatal care, unskilled deliveries, poor clinical practices, lack of emergency transport, and delayed treatment of childhood illnesses.[i]

In 2016, the Alliance was selected as one of the 17 Social Enterprises that took part in the Healthymagination Mother and Child Program, an accelerator initiative of GE Healthymagination and the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship. The programme was designed to equip the participating social enterprises to scale up their businesses and attract additional investment.

Executive Director, GE Healthymagination Robert Wells said, “We are thrilled for Mercy and for the Lwala Community Alliance for this well-deserved recognition.We believe that social enterprises such as these are a key part of the formula that is required to innovatively and sustainably bring quality care to communities in otherwise underserved areas. It is for this reason that we launched the healthymagination Mother and Child programme to equip amazing individuals such as Mercy that are striving to increase the quality, access and affordability of maternal and child health in sub-Saharan Africa”

Mr Wells added, “As one of the key partners of the WGH movement, GE Healthcare actively supports its’ vision to elevate and support the role of women in healthcare, whilst creating gender responsive leaders in global health.”

President and CEO, Sustainable Healthcare Solutions, GE Healthcare Terri Bresenham said, “Mercy and her colleagues at Lwala have dedicated their lives to work within her community to bring accessible and innovative healthcare delivery solutions to not only address care but also prevention and healthy behavior. She is indeed a great ambassador for the many women leaders in Africa and the world over that are striving to serve the 5.8 billion people with little to no access to quality healthcare. At GE, we are very proud to be associated with the Women in Global Health Campaign and its’ amazing honorees, and look forward to continuing to partner with them for a healthier world.”

WGH is a movement that strives for greater gender equality in the global health sector and is dedicated to empowering female leaders.GE on the other hand is an international organization that offers global healthcare quality, access and affordability to bring better health to people in poverty stricken areas. From medical imaging, software & IT, patient monitoring and diagnostics to drug discovery, biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies and performance improvement solutions, GE Healthcare helps medical professionals deliver great healthcare to their patients.

Healthymagination is an innovation catalyst for global health challenges. It addresses the world’s biggest health challenges on a global level. It continuously develops and invests in innovations that deliver high-quality, more affordable healthcare to more people around the world.


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