Microsoft’s Bing Banned In China After Being Accused Of Selling User’s Data To Commercial Companies

Microsoft’s search engine Bing could not be accessed in mainland China as of Thursday morning local time. This comes after Microsoft’s Bing and other companies were accused of collecting user’s data and selling them to commercial companies.According to CNBC the blockage came on the order of the government.

Microsoft responded by saying,“We’ve confirmed that Bing is currently inaccessible in China and are engaged to determine our next steps.”

The internet is heavily censored in China as a form of information control. Many non-Chinese websites and social media services such as Twitter and Facebook are blocked.Facebook has been accused and Mark Zuckerberg questioned about of collecting user’s data and selling them to make profit.

The reported blockage of Microsoft’s Bing comes at a time when the U.S. and China are locked in a long-running trade dispute and China’s economy is suffering as a result.

Market participants especially American companies like Dolce&Gabanna and Apple who target Chinese consumers have faced tremendous loses because China contributes to 3/4 of their profits.


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