‘Put filters on harmful content’ KFCB says

The film classification board has given a stern warning to anyone using or distributing the game blue whale.

This is after rising concerns of teenagers harming themselves and eventually commuting suicide as a result of playing the game.

The game blue whale was banned in Kenya on 8th of May following the death of one teenager in kamukunji.Investigations of the death are still continuing and the ban is in force.

Kenya Film and classification board chief executive officer said, ‘We are doing our best to ensure that blue whale is not found on any platform in Kenya including Facebook, twitter and instagram but we would also like to urge technological companies to put filters at the gateway to ensure this content does not reach innocent children’

The board has invested 100million Kenya shillings to monitor content online to prevent from pedophiles, criminals and drug dealers getting to the youth.

The blue whale game is a 50day challenge where players are asked to do bodily harm to themselves as a sign of courage and bravery in the game. The game has outrageous demands such as curving out a whale on your hand using a knife or razor blade and only gets worse as the game progresses.

Mr Mutua added, ‘We have partnered with the police, the communication authority of Kenya, the Criminal investigation department,SUPKEM and many other organizations to stop this game from the public and it’s effects’.

The board also urged technological companies such as Google, Facebook, twitter and instagram to put filters on their gateways to stop this content from getting to the public.

Other games that are thought to be harmful and might be banned in the future are: 13 reasons why, wake me up at 2:40, a silent house and grand theft auto.



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