Singapore Joins Britain And Other Countries On Sugary Drinks Advertisement Ban

Singapore is among the first countries that intend to ban sugary drinks in a bid to fight diabetes in the Asian country.

The Ministry Of Health said in a statement that the ban on these advertisements is to restrict high intake of high calorie food and drinks in the country in which diabetes has been a major concern.

This follows in the footsteps of Mexico and Britain ban on advertisements which glorify high-calorie food and drinks on television.This ban is meant to limit their exposure to children.

Ahmed Yehia, country manager for Coca-Cola Singapore and Malaysia said,” We welcome the plans and will work to reduce sugar levels in drinks sold in Singapore.We will continue to rethink many of our recipes in Singapore to reduce sugar, because while sugar in moderation is fine, we agree that too much of it is not good for anyone.”

Singapore has one of the highest rates of diabetes in the world partly caused by its fast-ageing population and culture.

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