Sote Hub catalyzing young entrepreneurship

This past weekend Sote hub held its third students innovation fair at CIT VOI.Every year students from business clubs in schools around Taita Taveta County gather for a day of fun to brainstorm, network and share ideas that are aimed to change the society and possibly the world. Students participate in the competition through creating Brochures, Video adverts, Blogs, Business Plans and Accounting documents and showcase their work in the trade fair.

Director Sote Hub,David Ogiga  and Program Manager from Pontis Foundation Jakub Simek, noted “Sote Hub’s approach of taking innovation to rural schools offers a scalable, affordable way to nurture practical IT and business skills in secondary school students and directly prepare them for job market or business opportunities after graduation.”

An external jury gets to pick the best ideas on different categories and award the prize money. The crème de la crème of the students find their way to Sote Hub where they get to intern and see their ideas come to life in 2018. The IT giant also supports educators, students and student cooperations and started two coding education peer groups that team up with local universities to pursue weekly coding workshops to empower the youth.

Taita Taveta Governor John Mruttu said,” The hub has benefited 6,000 students from its continuous IT support, nurtured practical skills of 460 members in 12 ICT clubs in schools and 28 training firms, opened Sote hub for graduates and entrepreneurs in Voi town, organized two trade fairs and added two secondary girls school in their training programme in a bid to empower more women and achieve sustainable development goals. It has proved to be exemplary and we are proud as a county to be associated with them.”

He Added,” Sote hub is empowering youth to be self-reliant by giving them a platform to explore and tap into business opportunities at a tender age. “The materials they have produced exhibit great innovative skills in our students which will propel them to become great entrepreneurs in future.”

With the support of Slovak Centre for training firms and practice enterprises network the hub transferred the methodology of training firms to Kenya. The core purpose of the organization is to nurture practical IT and business skills in young people from all backgrounds to become qualified and responsible future business owners who support and grow the economy. So far 20 start ups have emerged from the trade fairs some of which have already received the 250,000 prize money.

The Sote Hub idea was born from the Sote ICT project which started in 2010 implementing holistic approach that combines ICT integration and training with business skills in 12 secondary schools in Taita Taveta County. It provides an open space for young innovators, startup companies and the community in rural and second tier towns to think about the problems in the society and come up with sustainable solutions to solve them. The project is supported by Slovak aid, Pontis foundation.

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