The Wealthy Use Private Jets To Escape Corona Virus As Civilians Wait For Government Evacuations

With more countries implementing travel bans to and from China.The wealthy have sought to use private jets to get out of Wuhan,China and even Asia.

Since the outbreak of the virus in December there has been an increasing demand for private jets as wealthy passengers try to get out of Wuhan.

Air travel to and from China has dropped by 34% from Jan. 23 through Feb. 11 leaving stranded passengers to rely on government-led evacuations. The South American government are among those that have optedĀ  prto use private jets to evacuate people from Wuhan.

Onboard a private jet carrying passengers away from coronavirus outbreaks, the volunteer flight crew and passengers would wear masks that they change every hour, and a medical crew would be dressed in full protective gear.

Unlike a regular business jet flight, passengers would serve themselves food from a spread laid out in the cabin. Movement during the flight is kept to a minimum and there is very little interaction between anyone onboard to reduce any chance of infection.

After the flight, the crew get three weeks of paid leave but must stay home.

The requests are mostly for flights departing from Hong Kong or China to destinations like Auckland, Taipei, Phnom Penh, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.The government has however not agreed and is trying to stop people from leaving China on private jets.



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