Uber Wants To Try Self-Driving Cars Again After Fatal Car Crash In March

 Online taxi service Uber wants to start testing its self-driving cars again after a 49-year-old woman lost her life in Arizona while she was crossing a road at night.According to a police report the car hit the woman while the Uber back-up driver who was in the car was watching “The Voice” on her phone.The company immediately shut down all of its self-driving car tests and underwent an internal review and external investigations were done.
As a result Uber released a 70-page safety report to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration yesterday detailing safety measures the company is willing to take to prevent future crashes and fatalities.According to the report cars will now have two employees in the front seat to act as back-up drivers for the automated systems. Uber calls these employees mission specialists. Other safety improvements include outside monitoring of the back-up drivers and additional screenings of applicants.
The company’s self-driving cars are all Volvo SUVs that have been customized with hardware like Lidar, sensors and cameras. Waymo Google’s self-driving car division is already testing self-driving car systems on the vehicles.

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