5 Things You Never Knew About Jalang’o

What is your name?

My name is Phelix  Jalang’o Oduwuor but many people know me as Jalang’o.

When did you begin acting?

I  began acting at st Paul’s catholic church on Christmas plays then proceeded to lake primary school then Nyangoma secondary school.

Did your parents support you in your acting career?

My dad wanted me to be a lawyer but i wanted to prove to everyone that  i could make a career out of acting.

Where did you begin after finishing high school?

I started off at the Kenya national theater with heartstrings Kenya doing set books.

What was your first payment?

My first payment was a handshake then later a packet of chips. I later made my debut on papa Shirandula then kiss 100 as a presenter and now at Radio Maisha as a  presenter and  content director .

What is your biggest achievement? I run my own company Arena media where i currently employ 16 people. I produce Naswa, Waiwa and pasua.

What is the biggest challenge on running such a company?

My biggest challenge with my company is sometimes working on content that is not picked up by a media house.

How much are you paid to emcee a gig?now my biggest emcee gig pays me 1.2 million per gig.

What was the lowest moment in your career?

I can say my biggest pain right now is that my dad didn’t get to see the man i have become. I wish he was here for us to celebrate together. When i last saw my dad he gave me 2 shirts, 2 trousers and 300 Kenyan shillings and bid me farewell to the city. The day he passed on was the saddest day of my life. I had just landed a job at Kiss 100. I got 2 phone calls that day 1st call I’d gotten a job at kiss 100 as a presenter 2nd call  Dad had  succumbed to cancer .I couldn’t believe it. I didnt know whether to celebrate or to mourn. He was my biggest inspiration but i know now that wherever he is he is smiling down.

What is your message to upcoming comedians?

My message to upcoming comedians is’ to be patient with your dreams,they will come true. Don’t do it for the money  or the fame but for  passion.

What is your message to your fans?

My message to my fans is that am blessed to have them because they believed in me when no one else did.

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