A Day In The Life Of Tegla Loroupe

Am Tecla Loroupe a runner by profession.

I am a champion for peace through the tegla lorupe peace foundation.We cannot bring peace alone and thats why i started a foundation.prince albert attended one of our events and suggested that i should be a peace ambasador.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Am proud to be the first African woman to break the world record and to have the Tecla Loroupe foundation for peace.

Was it easy to get that title? NO! I had to earn it and it doesn’t come cheap.i had to be focused and take time but i never lost hope in-spite of having issues at home.It wasn’t  easy but i had to continue.

Related imageWhat was the lowest moment in your career as a runner?

My lowest point was when i had a problem with the federation the coach did not want me to compete and represent the country.I had good results so far  and it made me feel extremely  discouraged.I didnt have a coach to take me forward.It was all about politics at the time.I had to be strong and take it positively.

What advice would you give upcoming athletes?

I would just like to tell the upcoming athletes  to be disciplined and focused and  not  to discontinue with their education after winning championships.They should make use of their running and also educate themselves.

What is your message to your fans?

We need to change lives.sports brings people together all over the world.I ran a marathon last year in newyork with amdassadors to raise money for charity.The charity  raised funds that changed lives all over the world.We need to love and support one another.Lets not get tired of preaching peace.



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