Ashanti says Artists Should Understand Intellectual Property Law & Evolve With The Music Industry

Platinum selling artist Ashanti went on CNBC today and said that the music industry has changed and has become harder.

According to the Rnb singer one is required to do visuals for songs unlike in the past.One is also required to constantly release music due to the competitive nature of  the music industry and to have people involved.

The songbird said it is important for one to have their music on all streaming services so that one is able to maximize on their talents.

The badboy hit maker also added that she opened her own record label and prefer music streaming services such as Tidal,Pandora and Apple Music unlike Spotify that doesn’t pay as much.

It is important for artists to own their masters,publishing and  to understand intellectual property business so that they can be in control of their content.

This comes after Spotify went public and was listed in the New York Stock Exchange.


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