Big Sean and Jhene Aiko Go Their Separate Ways After One And A Half Years

After months of speculation Big Sean and Jhene Aiko have gone their separate ways.A few months ago the jasmine Brand broke a story that Big Sean and Nicole Schezinger were seen cozying up together.The two denied the accusations and Jhene was reportedly upset about the situation.

The two dated for one and a half years ago and she got a tatoo of him on his arm.Alot of people questioned her decision.She went on the Breakfast club and said that everytime she gets into a relationship she hopes it works and it end up happily ever after.

The two got together under unclear circumstances it is alleged that Jhene got together with Big Sean when she was still married to Dr Genius.

Jhene said,”I am so glad to be away from all the abuse,depression and drugs.”

Dr Genius denied the  allegations Jhene made and said”In attempts to slander my name,I have never been abusive or violent to any woman in my life.I do not tolerate such behaviour.In time the truth will come to light.”

The two were married for a year and divorced in June 2015.

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