Breaking Down Drake’s Scorpion Album

Drake released his double album ‘Scorpion’ last night and he has been trending on twitter ever since.In the song ‘Emotionless’ the rapper addresses being accused of being a deadbeat dad and not seeing his son by his baby momma and ex porn star Sophie Brussaux.

The former escort wrote,”Drake,deadbeat dad.”

Drake was also accused by rapper Pusha T of being a deadbeat dad and accusing the rapper of hiding his son from the world.

Drake responded in the song by saying,”I wasn’t hiding my son from the world but was hiding the world from my son.From empty souls who wake up and look for debate. Until you’re staring at your seed you can never relate.”

In the song ‘Yesterday’ he raps about coming into terms with the fact that he impregnated a woman the he wasn’t in love with.

He says,”Yesterday was crazy I had to come to terms with the fact  that it wasn’t a maybe.Its real she isn’t my lover like Billie Jean but the kid is mine.

In the song March 14th the rapper breaks down his relationship with Sophie.The rapper says that he met her twice and only had intercourse with her twice.They had a DNA test in Miami and has only seen his son once.He also refers himself as a single father in the song.

Fans and critics came out accusing Drake of caring  too much about his reputation and being too embarrassed to be associated with his babymomma Sophie Brussaux.

When Sophie was a few months pregnant she shared text messages on social media of Drake threatening her and asking her to have an abortion but she refused and chose to have the baby.

The album has 25 songs most of them have gotten positive reviews so far and has talked about his son than any other album.

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