Breaking Down The Carter’s ‘Everything Is Love’ Album.

Beyonce and Jay z released a joint album titled ‘Everything Is Love’ in the midst of their ‘On The Run Tour 2’.The love birds released the album at the end of one of their concert in Europe only on Tidal.

This came as rumours circulated the internet that the tour was struggling to fill seats.Critics came out saying that they wouldn’t pay 500 dollars to see dance routines and listen to music that they had listened to before and seen on the internet.

This prompted the billionaire couple release their first album together.The first song on the album is titled Summer that talks about the couple’s chemistry.

The second song on the album is called Ape sh** featuring Migos.In the song Jay z calls out the Superbowl saying that they need him and not vice versa.He also called out the Grammy’s after he failed to win last year for his album 4:44.

The rapper said on his lyrics on Apesh**”Tell the Grammy’s fu** that zero for eight **** have you ever seen the crowd go Ape****.

He also said talked about not attending Kim and Kanye’s wedding because him and his wife were not in a good place.

The rapper said on the song Friends”I ain’t going to nobodies nothing when me and wife are beefing.”


The third song on the album is called Boss.At the end of the song Blue talks about her baby brother and sister Tumi and Sir.

She says “Shout out to Rumi and Sir.Love Blue.”

In the song Beyonce says that her great great great grandchildren are already rich that’s alot brown children on your Forbes list.

The fourth song on the album is called Nice.She says that she would have put Lemonade on Spotify if she cared about streaming numbers.

The Dejavu singer said”My success can’t be quantified.If I cared about streaming numbers would have put Lemonade on Spotify.

The fifth song on the album is called 713.This is the Houston area code.Houston is Beyonce’s hometown and where she was raised.The song is also about Jay z and Beyonce’s love story and how the two met.

The sixth song is called Friends.It is about Beyonce and her friends Kelly and Michelle.In the song the songstress states how her friendships are real.

The seventh song on the album is called ‘Heard about us’.The song is about hearsay and the couple is warning people to watch their mouth on what they speak or say about the couple.Jayz also spoke about rumours that he has a secret child.

The rapper said “You should not take this Dad thing literally.

The eighth song is called ‘Black Effect’.The song talks about Issues Black Americans face regarding the justice system and how they are harrased by the police.

The last track of the Album titled Love Happy Beyonce addressed cheating rumors saying

“Yeah you fucked up the first time.We had to get remarried.Lucky I ain’t kill you when I met that B****.

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