Britney Spear’s Ex Kevin Ferderline Wants More Child Support

Britney Spear’s Ex Kevin Ferderline has gone to court to get more child support money from Britney spears.This comes after Britney secured a residency in Las Vegas and got a deal with a British clothing line Kenzo.It is estimated that she is making 33million dollars a year.He now wants an increase from 20,000 dollars in child support because she is making more money.

Kevin Ferderline has sole custody of their two sons who are 11 and 12 respectively.Kevin has six kids in total but only has two with Britney.Kevin got custody of the boys after Britney Spears had a mental breakdown in 2007.Kevin in his hay day was a famous DJ,Dancer and Singer when he was in the limelight cause of Britney’s career.

Kevin is currently a traveling DJ making 3,000 dollars per gig.Britney claims her ex only wants the money to facilitate his lavish lifestyle.

Britney Spear’s and Kevin Ferderline got married in 2004 and got two sons together before getting divorced in 2007.


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