Cardi B Claps Back At Nicki Minaj For Saying That Her Record Label Atlantic Records Buys Her Hit Songs

Cardi B took to social media to address Nicki Minaj’s allegations that her record label Atlantic records bought her success in the music industry.This comes after Nicki said that she didn’t see Cardi B as competition because she doesn’t write her own rap lyrics.

Nicki is accusing Atlantic records of practicing Payolla,this is an illegal practice where record labels buy hit records for their artists.This sis an illegal practice in America and labels can be prosecuted for such actions. Nicki also said that the only reason Cardi is successful is because Atlantic records is pushing her.

Atlantic records has made a huge investment in Cardi with big budget videos and ensuring her music is getting airplay in radio stations.When Nicki was Cash money’s biggest artist she also had such perks with the label partnering with i heart radio in a distribution deal to play her songs around the clock.This is the same distribution deal Drake has hence his songs being played around the clock.

Cardi B clapped back and said that just because a label supports you doesn’t mean that an artist is going to be successful.It is the artist’s job to connect with the audience,do press runs and establish a fanbase.Labels push artists who they perceive to have a good relationship with the public and their music loved and purchased by members of the public.

People love Cardi B’s music and every single that she has released has either went Platinum or Gold. This means that she has sold more than 500,000 records or more. However Nicki’s fans feel like Cardi didn’t work for anything and the label is using her to replace Nicki in the industry.

She said,’People always want to discredit me.I did shows every night.I had to swallow my pride when I had to befriend Djs who would always talk ill about me.When people blame my success on my label it hurts me so much bacause I work so hard.It really breaks my heart when people say that my label bought my songs.There are more people with more money than me .why can’t they buy their position on their charts.There are so many other labels why can’t they buy their artists positions on the charts.”

She added,”When I was pregnant I fainted on Offset arms.I had to cancel my tour because I want to be able to give a good show.I just gave birth and I can barely bend down.Bruno called me to do Finesse and he introduced me to a whole new fanbase. When I gave birth I realized that my body is not capable of dancing.”

Cardi B broke into the scene last year with her chart topping hit Bodak Yellow.She was immediately signed to Atlantic records where she released her album Invasion Of Privacy this year most of her songs have gone Gold or Platinum.



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