Cardi B Drops Be Careful Video On Youtube

Cardi B released a video for her new single Be Careful on Youtube on Monday 21st.The video was shot in a church setting in the middle of a desert.. Cardi B in the song expresses anger, sadness and disappointment in love.

The song highlights cheating rumours that came out last year with several women claiming to be in a relationship with her babydaddy, Offset with some even sharing footage together with the rapper.

In one of her concerts at the time Cardi went on stage and quoted Beyonce by saying,”If you shit again,youre going to lose your wife.”This statement was directed at Offset and was an indication that the two were planning to stay together and work on their relationship.

However in the midst of the allegations at the time Offset and Cardi B chose to show a united front with Cardi fiercely defending her man on social media.

In an interview with┬áCosmo magazine she said ,”Why is everyone breathing down my neck.Why are you not leaving him?You have low self esteem.I don’t have low self esteem.I know I look good.I know am rich.I know am talented.I know I can get any man I want.I am no one property and I don’t have to explain my decision to anybody.Its not right what he did but they don’t know what I also did cause am no angel.”

The Church where the video was shot is the same church Lyrica Anderson and A1 from Love and Hiphop Hollywood got married in Season one.

The Video dropped just a day after Cardi B won Best Female Rapper at the BET awards beating Nicki Minaj and Bhard Barbie in the Best Female Rapper Category.

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