Dolce & Gabbana Face Major Crisis In China As Consumers And Retailers Dump Their Products

Thousands of D&G goods have disappeared from online platforms and retail stores after Chinese consumers chose to boycott the luxury brand.According to retail owners they were forced to halt the sale of the D&G goods after customers started returning them.

It all started when the D&G launched a video advert of a Chinese woman struggling to eat pizza and other Italian food with chopsticks. It became worse when offensive comments that were allegedly sent from Stefano Gabbana’s personal Instagram account went public.

The video ad and comment spread like wild fire on Chinese social media causing consumers and celebrities to boycott its products.People responded by posting videos of themselves burning the brand’s clothes or cutting them into pieces and using them to wash their toilets.

After the backlash on social media Stefano  Gabbana and co-founder Domenico Dolce appeared in a video message posted on social media to apologize Chinese people all over the world.

“Our families taught us to respect all cultures of the world.We hope to receive your forgiveness for our cultural misunderstandings.” said Dolce.
The company has apologized previously and also said the offensive messages sent from Gabbana’s Instagram account were the result of hackers but China will hear none of it.
This is a crisis for the Italian brand because Chinese consumers account for more than a third of global spending on luxury products.They now fear that shopping malls will start shutting down D&G stores in China .This comes days before D&G’s annual fashion show in Shanghai.


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