Drake Responds To Pusha T’s Diss Track

Drake and Pusha T are still feuding and Drake is yet to respond to Pusha T’s diss track titled the life of Addidon.

He exposed Drake wearing blackface and told the world that Drake’s babymomma was an ex porn star.Pusha T also told the world that the rapper was a deadbeat dad to his son.

After severe backlash Drake went on Instagram and explained his picture in blackface.

The Canadian rapper said,”The photo was from 2007 and was from a time in my life when iwas an actor.It was a way of expressing the challenges black actors,being stereotyped and typecast.when looking for jobs in the Hollywood.It represented how black American were wrongly portrayed  in entertainment.My bestfriend and I were attempting to bring attention to the issues we face all the time as black actors at auditions.We were trying to raise our frustrations at not getting a fair chance in the industry.”

Drake’s team also sent out a statement addressing the deadbeat father rumours.A close source to Drake confirmed  that the rapper has been paying child support to Sophie Braussaux since she gave birth to their son Addonis.

According to black sports. com Sophie was intimate with other celebrities at the time and so she didn’t know who the baby’s father was but was hoping it was Drake.

She reportedly had relations with James Harden,Iman shumpert (Teyana Taylor’s husband),Drake, Asap Rocky or Beyonce’s backup dancers during the same period.She thought it was either Asap or Drake’s son but was estatic that it was Drakes son.

Drake on the other hand thought it was another person’s kid cause she had been with so many other guys at the time but once a DNA test was done and it was confirmed that he was the father he made her sign a confidentiality agreement.

“He isn’t a bad father as Pusha T is making him out to be he is just struggling having a baby with someone who sees him as a cheque.Asap Rocky knew what was going on and he told Pusha T about it because he was still seeing Sophie while she was pregnant.She confirmed Drake was the father and said that she felt like she hit the lottery.”

Teyanasl Taylor’s husband responded by saying,”Don’t believe all this trash.I did all this before I met my wife or even having the chance of dating my wife.Ya’ll are just trying to start something.”

This is the reason he was upset about paying child support and even rapped about it in his song am upset.

Sophie is a known groupie and former escort and married an old man for a green card to live and work in the United States.She is still technically married and starred in the show The real mistresses of Atalanta.


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