Eminem Finally Tastes Success With His New Album ‘Kamikaze’ After Four Album Flops

Rapper Eminem dropped his 10th album Kamikaze on August 31st.The rapper shocked the music industry and fans alike when he did this without promoting it in the media or on social media.

The Recovery rapper followed in Beyonce’s footsteps who released a surprise visual album titled Beyoncè in December 2013 something that was unheard of at the time.

The rapper released his music on streaming services Apple Music and Spotify.Celebrities such as Lebron James could not hide their excitement on social media as they jammed to tracks on the album.

In the album Eminem disses several artists like Machine Gun Kelly,Drake,Joe Budden,Young Thug,Lil Yatchy,21 Savage,Machine Gun Kelly and Donald Trump.

In the album Eminem accuses Drake of using ghostwriters and stealing The Migos flow.He also mocked rapper turned radio talk show host Joe Budden for not having a hit song since the early 2000s.This is after Budden commented negatively on his 2017 album Revival.

He confessed to disliking Lil Yatchy for no reason and shocked the world when he said that Donald Trump sent the secret service to his house to find out if the rapper was planning to hurt the president after Eminem took shots at him in a freestyle he did last year.

Machine Gun Kelly was dissed the most after he made a comment about Eminem’s daughter Hailie on social media in 2012.In his social media post he expressed how beautiful Hailie was and how he would have loved to date her.She was 17 at the time and Eminem didn’t take his comments lightly.As a result Eminem tried blackballing Mr.Kelly in the music industry and went as far as trying to shelve his music at Interscope records.

The album has gotten positive reviews so far because fans are hyped about the diss tracks on the album.Many people also enjoy how Eminem doesn’t shy away from callingout  people who rub him the wrong way.


This album will be a success compared to the rapper’s last four albums that flopped and performed poorly on the Billboard 200 chart.


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