Empire Executive Producer Lee Daniels In Hot Water For Money He Owes Hollywood

Empire’s Executive Producer Lee Daniels earlier this week got into a heated argument with music mogul Damon Dash after Daniels refused to pay a debt he owed Dash.

According to Dash, Daniels approached him and asked him for a loan of 2 million dollars to bring his vision alive on the big and small screen.Dash happily lent the money to him just for him to turn around and stab him in the back.

Dash said since Daniels success in Empire and Star came to fruition he has been avoiding the music mogul and has been reluctant to pay back him back.

Earlier this week Daniels was attending an event when Dash went to confront him about the debt.The creator and producer was seen to be tongue-tied and dumbfounded in a video that is currently circulating on social media.

Actress and Comedian Monique has also accused the producer of stabbing her in the back after paying her a merger 50,000 for her role in precious when the film went on to gross millions at the box office.

She also said the creator bad mouthed her in Hollywood and caused her to be blackballed by the community.Currently Monique is unable to secure big roles in Hollywood even after winning an Oscar.The actress is now trying to save face and her career after her long brawl with Precious executive producers Oprah Winfrey,Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels.

Lee Daniels went on TMZ and told the actress to shut up.We went on to say the actress was paid her dues and she should stop attacking him.

The Producer and creator said,”I fought for her to get that job.I wanted her to get that job.She was paid her money from the budget that we had.Its not even worth the conversation.She needs to shutup.”

Lee Louis Daniels (born December 24, 1959) is an American producer, director and writer. He produced Monster’s Ball and directed Precious, which received six Academy Award nominations, including Best Director; it won two of the awards.


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