Forbes Names Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Highest Paid And Most Bankable Actor In Hollywood

Dwayne Johnson popularly known as ‘The Rock’ currently holds the title for the highest paid and most bankable star in Hollywood.

The former wrestler is worth 165 million dollars and earned $124 million last year alone.That was the largest ever recorded earnings in the 20 years Forbes has tracked the Celebrity 100 and nearly double the $65 million he earned in 2017.

The Rock’s fortune comes from endorsements from Apple and Ford.The former wrestler also has the bestselling apparel line in the US and a new branded set of headphones currently in the US market.

He also has  a production company called Seven Bucks Productions a business geared at transforming The Rock from an actor into an enterprise.

When Johnson appears in a movie, the Seven Bucks creative, production and digital team of eight work on every element, from developing the script to aiding production and helping guide its promotional rollout.

The company also runs a YouTube channel and creates mobile content for Johnson’s social media platforms.

The actor is also paid to use social media to promote and get fans to watch his upcoming movies.He currently has 13 million Twitter followers and 58 million on Facebook.On Instagram he has more than 108 million followers.

He’ll insist on a separate seven-figure social media fee with every movie in which he appears, according to people familiar with his deals.In addition to hefty $20 million up-front paychecks and cuts of back-end studio profits.

According to senior media analyst Paul Dergarabedian,” For now, The Rock is demanding cash for social media on top of his contract. His Central Intelligence costar, Kevin Hart, pocketed $2 million from Sony for tweeting about his own films in the past.”

Johnson followed his father and grandfather into professional wrestling, borrowing a piece of his father’s ring name, Rocky Johnson, to become The Rock—a sobriquet that encapsulates both his physique and his attitude.

A 2000 appearance on Saturday Night Live caught the eye of Universal executives, who gave him a cameo in The Mummy Returns in 2001. Impressed, the studio gave his tiny character its own spinoff, The Scorpion King, which went on to earn more than $165 million worldwide on a $60 million budget.



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