Forbes Reveals How Much Celebrities Earn For A Single Social Media Post

Kylie Jenner the richest reality star is paid a million dollars to post a brand on her social media while Selena Gomez comes in second with 800,000 dollars a post.

Third position goes to Christiano Ronaldo who gets a whooping 750,000 dollars while fourth position goes to Kim Kardashian who gets 720,000 dollars a post.

Fifth position goes to Beyonce who is paid 700,000 dollars to post on her social media while¬† Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson takes sixth place with 650,000 dollars.

Justin Bieber came in seventh earning 630,000 dollars a post. Neymar and Messi took 8th and 9th place respectively while the 10th position went to Kendall Jenner who is paid 500,000 dollars a post on her social media

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