Former White House Intern Monica Lewinsky Opens Up About Bill Clinton Affair

Monica Lewinsky was a 22 year old intern at the White House when she had a two year affair with former president Bill Clinton.After 20 years of scrutiny and shame she has finally decided to tell her side of the story.The beauty chose to share her story in a docu-series titled The Clinton Affair detailing her experience with Mr Clinton and the backlash she faced afterwards.

In the mini series she says,”I still feel uncomfortable talking about it because obviously it registered with me that he was the president of the United States but the moment we were together in the back office  it meant more to me that someone who other people desired desired me.However wrong or misguided it was at that moment at 22 years old that it how I felt.”

According to her the affair never happened in the Oval Office but in the back office where it was more private and secure.After the affair went public she confessed that her efforts to apologize to Hillary Clinton in person have proven to be futile.She did 20 hours of interviews where she confessed to leading on the former president on by wearing clothes she knew he liked.She also revealed that she liked the attention and compliments he gave her.After the affair went public she admitted that it was her fault and confessed to feeling suicidal because of the backlash she faced.She said that the secret service followed her everywhere,people were threatening to kill her and her life completely changed.

According to her she was first portrayed as a villain by the media painted as the woman who seduced Mr.Clinton every chance she got.20 years later he was then painted as the villain after she faced severe backlash and was bullied everywhere she went.She said her life has never been the same since then and he should also take responsibility for his actions and not put the full blame on her.






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