Future Responds To Impregnating Bow wow’s Babymomma Joie Chavez

After weeks of speculation it has finally been revealed that Joie Chavez (Bow wow’s Babymomma) paid bloggers to write about Future impregnating her.

The Instagram model has been reportedly dating the rapper for months and swears that she is the one for him.According to Joie,she has a firm grip on the rappers heart and they are planning to elope soon.Future took to social media to deny the claims.

The¬† Low life rapper went on his instagram account and said,”Find real love?Damn near impossible.”

Joie and Future’s third babymomma Brittni Mealy have been going back and forth on social taking jabs at each other since January fighting over Future.

Joie in a long rant said,”I am dating Future and we travel together alot.The other babymommas know about me and tiptoe around me.I met his mother and he tells his grandmother about me and I come in contact with his kids.I have been holding him down like a legit wife.”

She added,”He told me that he has no intentions for his babymommas¬†India and Brittni.They just threaten with court for his disgusting mistake kids.”

The public went crazy over Joie’s sentiments and attacked her on social media.Once the instamodel announced she was pregnant Future reconciled with Brittni and they were recently spotted holding hands at a wedding.

Future is a singer and a rapper.He has four babymomma’s Joie Chavez being the fifth after he impregnated and had a child with singer and songwriter Ciara a few years ago.

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