Is Iggy Azalea Making A Comeback?

Iggy Azalea recently released a track called  Kream featuring Tyga and the song has gotten positive reviews so far.

The hip-hop track is the first song that Iggy has gotten props for in a while since everyone started hating on her.The fancy rapper had a brief 15 mins of fame before she faded from the spotlight due to a string of issues.

Industry people said that she was difficult to work with and always showed up late for work.She was also accused to writing racist remarks on her social media before she became famous.All of this claims and accusations contributed to the Australian rapper’s downfall.The rapper took to social media to thank her fans.

She said,”There were days I thought of giving up and it would never happen for me.I thought I would never be able to put another project out.There are times we question ourselves as to whether we have seen the best of our lives or our peak.So being able to put out another project and having guys be positive and supportive of me.”

She added,”I just appreciate more than I did the first time round.I don’t care if my song is never on the hot 100 ever again am just grateful that I still get to put music out.”

Rumors have been going around since the release of her single Kream that she is currently dating rapper Tyga.The ‘I got me’ beauty was quick to lay the rumours to rest as she denied that the two were dating.



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