Jada Smith Shocks The World By Revealing Jaden Smith Moved Out At The Age Of 15

Jada Pinkett Smith shocked the world when she revealed that she let her son Jaden Smith move out of the house at age 15.

The actress on her red table talk show said  that she chose to adopt a new style of parenting and knew that the faster she let him go the faster he would return home.

“I remember my son saying that  he needs to move out of home to live his life. being independent at a very young age and when Jaden came to me saying that he wanted to move out I agreed.”

She added that she wanted her son to have freedom over his life like she had freedom in hers.

She added,”I know what I gained from my independence and freedom at an early age.I wanted my son to gain that as well.”

Jada Pinkett Smith  is the wife of legendary actor Will Smith.They have two children Jaden and Willow Smith.

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