Kelly Rowland Reveals She Was Dropped And Called Worthless By Sony Records

Destiny’s child singer Kelly Rowland revealed in an interview with Vogue Australia that in 2009 she was dropped and called worthless by her record label Sony.Sony is the parent company of Columbia records that signed Destiny’s child.

Her first album after Destiny’s child did great and sold many copies in and outside the US but after that it was a downward spiral for the singer.

She said,”They made a terrible statement saying that I brought no more worth.That was the hardest thing I ever went through cause I thought to myself I sold so many records for you with and without Destiny’s child.I sold records.I even recorded ‘When love takes over’with David Guerra that went straight to number one in so many countries.”

Her second album ‘Ms Kelly’ didn’t sell as many records as her first album did and people assumed that was the reason she was dropped.

The motivation singer has not been able to live up to Beyonce’s success who was the lead singer of the group.She expressed disappointment in herself and her career in the song ‘ Dirty Laundry.’

According to industry analysts Beyonce got more success than Kelly because she was more marketable to the American audience and hence got more support from the label.This discouraged the ‘Rose coloured glasses’ singer and made her stagnant in the process.

After being dropped she got signed to another record label and released motivation from her album ‘Here I am’ that went on to be successful.She announced to the world in her interview that she is planning to release new music soon.




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