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Where were you born?

I was born in mathare valley but was raised in mathare north. I have lived in the ghetto most of my life.I went to school in kariobangi,games in Dandora and shopping in korogocho.All i ever knew was the slum.

The first tv i ever owned was in my house.We were so poor we would believe God for super every night and i would basically go to school hungry everyday.GHETTO to me means Getting Higher Education To Teach Others.

Where did you go to school?

I went to riverside academy.  I couldn’t even afford a lunch box and would carry pudding to school everyday. I never ate super last night and we couldn’t afford breakfast and so i would go under my desk and eat my pudding before time.I never wanted to go to P.E because couldn’t afford sports shoes. The ones i had holes at the bottom and i would often get hurt playing on a tarmac roadI was a smart student but i was always  sent home due to  lack of school fees .We would only pay 300 for exams but we couldn’t afford it..

I then proceeded to eastleigh high school then to a girls school called lily vision it was a better option for meI had not gone to school for an yearThey told me they would pay half the school fees and i was admitted immediately.I ended up adopting to it.I consoled myself thet it was mixed school but i knew it was a girls schools.


When did you discover that you want to be a singer?

I started singing while i was in the girls school i was a part time singer and a part time garbage collector. I would work as i study.I  always wanted to be a footballer but i had a calling in music. I didnt want anybody in school to know i would rap because it was associated to gangstas.I knew God wanted me to use music to minister to people but everytime i would sing i would be kicked out of the school choir. On some occasions the choir master would switch off my microphone during choir performances  and i just knew  that was not the place for me.I got saved in form three and thats when i started singing professionally.

What was the lowest point in your career?

I would  walk from mathare to  buruburu where there was an american who owned a studio and would give  artists a chance by giving them free studio time but the moment i perfomed for him he dismissed me and said he cant invest in such music.I went home crying and decided to become a thief in order to raise  money for my video.I thought maybe if i stole a couple of phones and sell them then i would raise enoough money for a  video unfortunately the crew that i was supposed to steal with died on that day.

God stole me from the jaws of death.I  proceeded to launch my single without a video and most of the people  who came were thieves,hobos and rejects of the society.I got 9000 in ticket sales that day for the first time since i started my  career so  i bought a phone so i could be able to connect with holy dave for concerts. Thats when nikona reason was born.I also invested in how i looked for the sake of my career and stopped wearing clothes i got from the garbage collection.For the first time i had worn brand new shoes. I didnt have money holy dave would pay my fare.He even bought me clothes for my video.


http://www.ulizalinks.co.ke/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/eko-jaya-post.jpgWhat was your biggest challenge in your career?

I would take my songs to gospel stations for airplay and they would say that it didnt quite sound like a gospel song which are known to be reserved,the secular stations rejected it saying that it had too much of  Jesus  so i quit convincing executives to give my songs airplay.God  proved to be the ultimate marketer.

What would you like to tell your fans?

I never thought i would be a celebrity. God changed the stage i stood on into a pulpit.God has been my biggest inspiration.I found swag in christ.I perceived myself as a problem to the world now am a light to the world.Guys seek ye first the kingdom of God. God has the capability to fulfill all your dreams.


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