Lil Kim Ends Feud With Nicki Minaj

After years of feuding,it seems Lil Kim has left the past where it belongs.Recently the rapper went on an interview and she was asked about Nicki Minaj and she said that she wishes Nicki but the best.

She said,”She knows what she did but God bless her.I wish her all the best”.

For years she didn’t have anything positive to say about Nicki Minaj and the public accused her of being bitter and jealous of Nicki.When Lil Kim came out of prison she approached Birdman to help her restart her career.According to her,Birdman gave her a song called Grind and make some money’ and ¬†brought in Nicki Minaj because she was trying to break her into the industry.

She said,”I wanted to collaborate with Nicki but Birdman used me then threw me out..I came to realize that there was not going to be a video.She wanted to be the only female rapper out there.That record would have been good for both of our careers.They treated me like I wasn’t even alive any more.I knew they didnt want me to stand beside her.”

She also accused producer Slim Thug of picking her brain and using her ideas on Nicki Minaj and her music.Lil Kim said that she played a song called automatic from her album and he did a similar sound for Nicki Minaj.Nicki was taking jabs at Lil Kim in her mixtapes before she got her record deal with young money.This is what is speculated to be the source of their feud.

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