Meet Paul Tergat

When did you  start running?

I started running as an athlete late when i was 19yrs when i joined the military which is too late for a runner so i started representing the country at the senior level.

What is your biggest regret?

The saddest thing is that i never knew i  had a talent thats why i never represented the country during the junior championship.

What was the biggest challenge at that time?

There was noone to scout me out and by the time i realized i had a talent i was already an adult.I am a beneficiary of the world food programme and that is why i run for food.i come from a family of 17 children and food was a problem and i was very week and when the world food programme came we started going to school.We would go to school to eat.It gave me the strength to run.

What was your most embarrassing moment?

Ii had gone to run in France and i didn’t understand french at the time and the race was starting and i didn’t know  it was starting so i started running when the first batch had left it was so embarrassing.

What has been the biggest challenge in life?

The biggest challenge growing up was going to bed without food and going to school was not a priority but when lunch was introduced to school we started going to school.

What was the best moment in your career?

I then won my first world cross country  was the best moment in my career and getting into the military changed my life when i was 19 years it gave me the financial capability to help my family.I had younger siblings who i needed to help.

When was the lowest point in your career?

My lowest point was in 1991 when i had an injury.I had travelled to the  world cross country  to compete after having won the national championship and i couldnt even stand  since then i came back stronger  and ensured i won every competition.At that time people thought that running was for the illetarate.

What is your message to your fans?

I just want to encourage my fans and tell them  dont let your circumstances define you have,be optimistic.

What is your advice to  upcoming runners?

To the runners its never too late to pursue your dreams and ensure you take management  roles after retirement so you could mentor the next generation of runners.Ensure you don’t retire and go out of the sport but be in the sport as long as they can


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