Nicki Minaj Exposed For Paying Blogs To Write Positive Stories About Her And Trash Competitors

Two years after rapper Meek Mill  went online to expose Nicki Minaj for paying different publications to write positive stories about her and trash her competitors yet another reporter has stepped forward singing the same tune as Meek did.

Jason Lee a reporter working for Hollywood Unlocked admitted to being paid by Nicki a few years ago to write and speak positively about her in exchange for money and likes from the Chun-li rapper.Over the years it has been rumoured that different publications have been on her payroll like Balleralert,TMZ and Karen Civil.

Remi Ma exposed the rapper’s shady behaviour behind the scenes on her album Shether that she won a BET award for in 2017.Nicki has been on a downward spiral after Cardi B took her spot as the most sought after rapper in the industry.

Remi said,”She made sure certain awards don’t go to me and some opportunities meant for me would be given to her instead.It is not about what the audience sees but what she does and they don’t see.She has been really sneaky behind the scenes.”

Over the years Nicki has fallen out with a number of celebrities including Rihanna, Meekmill,Rick Ross,Remi Ma and so many other for her mean girl behaviour behind the scenes.

Nicki is currently facing backlash over her new song with Six6nine9 who has been accused of being a pedophile.Radio stations in Los Angeles are not giving the song any airplay.

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