Nicki Minaj Falls Out With More Celebrities In The Music Industry

Nicki Minaj has created more enemies in the music industry than ever.Azelia Banks was the first to confront Nicki this week after the two made up months ago after briefly falling out.

It all started when Nicki posted a photo of her lying on the beach with a mermaid suit on in a photoshoot for her upcoming single BED featuring Ariana Grande.

The song which is speculated to be released tomorrow saw Nicki with a mermaid suit similar to one Azelia Banks had worn a few years ago during a photoshoot.

Azelia took to social media to accuse the Chun-li singer of coping her style and questioning her originality.

She said,”Why does Nicki have to be so corny.Your hips and body too big for that mermaid tail.She tried it though… that’s cute.”

Up in the club Rapper Joe Burden also accused Nicki of taking drugs.According to the rapper Meek Mill Nicki’s ex boyfriend confessed that Nicki was on drugs and enabled him to be on drugs too.

The said,”Nicki Minaj is 100% on something because Meek talked about it.He said he was hooked on pills when he was with her.Someone should watch her usage.”

Love and Hip hop star Joseline Hernandez blasted the rapper online by saying that the Barbie Tinz rapper is a cocaine addict.The reality star took to Twitter to shame the artist.

She said,”I used to love Nicki but when you showed your true colours everyone in the music industry told me they can’t stand you or work with you and I always took your side but you are flawed Nicki.Dont say anything to me.You know what you did.”

Nicki Minaj has been rumoured to be a mean girl behind the scenes.Rick Ross displayed his dislike for her on the Wendy Williams Show.Rihanna unfollowed the rapper a few years ago.Remi accused the rapper of being political and making sure other female rappers don’t get awards for their music.

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