Nicki Minaj Gets Writer Fired Over Twitter Comment

Nicki Minaj got a fan fired from her job for tweeting about her music.According to balleralert the woman only gave her opinion on what she thought about Nicki’s music and Nicki got upset about it

The woman who goes by the name Wanna @Wannasworld said,”You know how dope it would be if Nicki put out mature content?No silly stuff just reflecting on past relationships,being a boss and past hardships etc.She is touching 40 soon a new direction is needed.

Nicki did not like her tweet at all and immediately sent direct messages to this woman’s account insulting her.Wanna shared the text messages on social media for the world to see.

Nicki Minaj responded,”When you were 24 you were touching 30 now that I am 34 am touching 40.What does that have to do with my music.You must not have heard the pink print, pills&portions,Bed of lies,my collaboration with Alicia Keys and Tasha Cobbs .Just  admit that you are jealous that I am rich, intelligent and pretty just go.”

She added,”I dropped my album almost four years ago.My bad am 35,so at 31 how about you get like me?Why don’t you ask me to help you get rich?Been on top and ain’t going nowhere.”

After @Wanna’s world posted these messages she immediately got fired.She then went on twitter to let everyone know that she was fired from her job because she posted messages Nicki Minaj sent her.She condemned Nicki for using her platform to allow supporters to bully her because of an opinion.

She said,”I can’t and won’t respect someone who uses their huge platform to insult someone personally over a music opinion.”

Nicki is known for being shady and a mean girl behind the scenes.Remi Ma was the first artist to come out and publicly sham Nicki cause of this behaviour.

On Wendy Williams the Shether rapper said,”It was the behind the scenes things that people would never know about that she would do like keeping fellow female rappers off red carpets or making sure awards only went to her and not other female rappers.She would also get people to write about our bad album sales to taint our image.”

Most critics supported @Wanna’s world suggesting that Nicki should evolve with time like Jay z did and should not be rapping about stuff she rapped about five years ago.

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