Nicki Minaj Releases Her Album ‘Queen'(Album Review)

Nicki Minaj released her album Queen today after announcing to the world that she was going to push the release to August 17th.She had a queen  listening party and  invited celebrities such as Kelly Rowland,Kim Kardashian,Lauren London,Cassie,Normani and many more to her event.

Her mother Carol Maraj wanted to do a tell all interview to defend  her son Jelani Maraj who was found guilty and sentenced for Pedophilia in November 2017.According to close sources to the rapper,her mother was trying to sabotage her release hence her decision to release her album early.

Nicki has gotten negative publicity for the last few months since the rise of Cardi B.She has been accused of paying bloggers such as Hollywood unlocked to write negative stories about other female rappers and not publish stories about her controversial brother.

The album is a trap album, very underwhelming. and the production was not versatile.In the album she has collaborated with the Weekend,Foxy Brown,Ariana Grande.The most controversial song on the album was Barbie Dreams.She accused Young Thug of going to her dressing room and stealing her dresses.She revealed that Meek Mill is trying to win her heart back.She told the world how Karruche Tran is spreading rumours that the Chun-li singer is trying to hook up with Quavo.

She shared with the world how Drake is always buying her gifts.She also confessed to not being in the best terms with DJ Khaled.Another song that stood out in the album was Ganja Burns.It  is a pop rock song with an afrobeat.In the song she accused people of going to witch doctors.

She said,”The Lord showed me in my dreams to confirm.They went to witch doctors to bury the Barbie.I have fasted,prayed and zenned my body.I had to abstain from sex”

In the song Hardwhite she seems to be throwing jabs at Cardi B.She said she has never had to strip to get to the pole position.You are in no position to come for O’s position.”People are speculating the verse is about Cardi because she was a stripper.

In her song LLC she went off again accusing female artists of showing her fake love.She accused them of trying to take her spot and assured them that they will never be able to do it.The album is good but not great.She definitely could have done better.


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