Offset Arrested Again For Gun Possession Outside Atlanta

The 26-year-old rapper Offset was arrested today after cops pulled him over and found at least one handgun in his possession.

The Narcos rapper was arrested just outside of Atlanta when he was asked to pulled over by a police officer for his tinted windows.

Offset, who is a convicted felon and on probation, is believed to have at least one firearm in his SUV at the time cops pulled him over.

In 2011, prior to his Migos fame, he was arrested for being in possession of a two stolen vehicles. He was ordered to two years of probation, 100 hours of community service, pay a $1,000 fine, and complete his G.E.D.

In 2015, he was arrested again on weapons and drug charges. He was arrested the following year for possession of marijuana, obstruction of justice, and driving with a suspended license.

The Migos rapper and Cardi B’s husband has been arrested a total of four times.The rapora and his wife introduced their baby girl Kulture Kiari Cephas last week.


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