Papoose Gets Into Social Media Beef With 50cent Over Remi Ma’s Picture

Remi Ma posted a picture of herself on social media this week.50 cent was among the first to comment on the slimmed down Remi and Papoose didn’t like it at all.

The It’s My Birthday rapper commented,”Damn Remi you lost mad weight.Hey slim.”

Papoose immediately took to social media to take a jab at 50 cent using his baby momma.

He wrote”Damn Daphne Joy no wedding yet.If 50 doesn’t marry you. I’ll introduce you to one of my homeboys.He’s more mature.”

Papoose went even further to post 50cent holding an adult toy commenting ‘Get the strap on’.

50 cent then went ahead and posted a picture of Remi saying,”Remi blocked till she can get control of her husband.All I said is she lost weight and Papoose starts tripping.I am not fighting anybody over their wife.”

Papoose and Remi Ma recently renewed their vows and announced to the world that they are expecting their first child together.



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