Parent Accuses R Kelly Of Taking Advantage Of His 17 Year Old Daughter And Holding Her Hostage

A parent has accused singer and songwriter R Kelly of taking advantage of his daughter and holding her hostage with a promise of a successful career in the music business.

The upset parent told the world through a video circulating the internet that the singer and rapper started dating his daughter when she was only 17 years of age with the promise of making her famous.He said he hasn’t seen his daughter for years since then.

The singer who has a past of dating underage girls was boycotted and his music removed from streaming services such as Spotify.Promoters have also stopped booking him for shows and radio stations stopped playing his music in the United States.

The singer recently released a song titled ‘I admit’ where he admitted to doing some of the things he was accused of,being broke and being unable to read or write.The 19minute song was taken with a grain of salt as the public failed to feel sympathetic for the rapper.

His ex wife Andrea Kelly released a remix of the song accusing the singer of being a deadbeat father and abuser.

Controversy started for the RnB singer in 1995 when he married Aaliyah when she was only 15 years of age.He got himself in more hot water when he went on BET and admitted to dating underage girls.

Ava Duvernay,Shonda Rhimes and other women activists have began a campaign dubbed #Mute R Kelly meant to prosecute the singer for his unacceptable behaviour.

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