Quavo’s Album ‘Quavo Huncho’ Flops!

Rapper and lead singer of The Migos, Quavo released his long awaited album Quavo Huncho yesterday.The internet went into a frenzy trashing the album and giving the album bad reviews.

It had been rumoured for months now that Quavo wanted to go solo and dropping his solo album is a clear indication that the rumours were true.

The Migos rapper featured Drake, Travis Scott, 21 Savage,Lil Baby and many other artists in his debut album as a solo artist.

On his debut solo album, Quavo responds to Minaj’s recent diss track Barbie Dreams with his similarly titled Huncho Dreams a song that suggests that he and Minaj had a tumultuous fling.

“She said I hurt her feelings 52 times (Two)

Call up queen (Nicki)

The queen can’t flex on a young bull (Flex)

Made her scream (Scream)

Chanel, I bought her two of ’em

You can check IG (Hey, IG)

‘Cause when she post, it go up

Nicki, do you love me?

Why you crying?

She don’t want to be a queen unless she got me

She don’t want to be on scene unless we married.

Huncho Dreams was produced by Digital Nas and Murda Beatz.

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