R Kelly Responds To Domestic Violence Allegations And Being Broke In New Song

Singer and songwriter R Kelly today released a 19 minute song addressing domestic violence allegations made against him by several women.

The ignition singer accused women who came out to expose him for abuse and chauvinism were liars and out to get him for al love gone sour.

Hesaid that he was set up by these women.He also admitted in the song titled ‘I admit I did it’ that he cannot read or write.

He says in the song,”I admit I can write anything.I couldn’t read the teleprompter when the Grammy asked me to present.”

The singer also asked Chicago to rally against him and asked John Legend and Steve Harvey to stop tearing him down.

He also confessed to filing for bankruptcy and being a ‘broke legend’.He said that the reason he keeps on going on tour is to pay his bills.

In the song the rapper also insists that only God can mute him after a campaign titled MuteRkelly was launched spearheaded by Avast Duvernay.His music was also removed from streaming services such as Spotify.

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