R Kelly’s Brother Carey Kelly Exposes Him In New Song ‘I Confess’

R Kelly’s brother Carey Kelly is accusing the ‘I believe I can fly’ singer of not supporting his family financially during his mother’s and grandmother’s death over 20 years ago.According to him the singer never contributed anything in his their funerals when the family was struggling financially.He also expressed disappointment in R Kelly’s song ‘I admit it.’

Carey has now released a song titled ‘I confess’ in response to R Kelly’s song ‘I admit it.’In the song he accuses his brother of not helping his musical career and blackballing him in the music industry.Many people disliked the song and called it trash.Carey has been trying to expose his brother since 2003. A few yeas ago R Kelly and his brother hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. A video was leaked of R Kelly molesting a young girl.R Kelly denied it was him and tried to pin it on his brother Carey Kelly.

Women have come out in the last few months accusing the singer of abusing and assaulting them.A campaign spearheaded by Ava Duvernay and Shonda Rhimes called #Mute Rkelly. So far his songs were taken off streaming services such as Spotify and his concerts cancelled as a result.R Kelly’s songs are also not getting airplay anymore.

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