Rev Runs Daughter Angela Simmons Opens Up About Being A Single Mum

Reverent Runs daughter Angela Simmons from Run’s house on BET opened up about her struggle being a single mother on television and raising her child in front of the world.

She admits on the show Growing Up Hip hop that she didn’t want to be a single mother and she feels pressured by the world.She admits that her and her baby daddy have broken up and she is upset that people on social media keeps on talking ill about her.

She said,”I wasn’t happy in the relationship and I tried my best cause I wanted it to work.I thought I met my husband.We were going to get married and get  kid together.I didn’t imagine that I would have a kid with someone then the relationship crumbles.I  didn’t want to raise my child in this environment.

She also said that people are judging her but she did everything she could with the relationship and they went to counselling.

She added,”People look at me and are like.You are not married and you are a reverent kid.My Son will see all this one day.I am human and it happened.People are always going to have an opinion.”

Angela Simmons was born on 18 September 1987 (age 30 years)and  is the daughter of Joseph Simmons  and  Valerie Vaughn.She was in the show Rev Run.




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