Singer Faith Evans And Love& Hip hop Star Steve Jordan Say They Want Kids

A few days after Faith Evans infamously married father of six Steve Jordan.The two lovebirds have taken to social media to convince the world that they are happy and in love.

This is after family and friends of the two were both blindsided by their quick nuptials in a hotel room in Nevada,Las Vegas.

According to a source close to the two,Steve and Faith got married on a Tuesday night at 10pm by a Cher impersonator.

Faith said,”There was love there but I never saw him in a romantic light.I was single;we were in the studio and he kissed me.”

She added,”It wasn’t like I knew I would be married to him two weeks later but it’s not like we’ve never talked about it before.We want to have kids soon.”

Immediately a 20 year old woman protested the marriage claiming to be pregnant by Steve and also Steve’s ex Joseline Hernandez shared text messages between her and the producer the latter asking her to be his wife.

Steve Jordan currently has six children by four women and owes over one million dollars in child support.

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