The Barbz Aka The Kingdom (Nicki Minaj Fans) Attack Offset On Social Media

Nicki Minaj has been tweeting alot since her return to social media.

The Chun-li singer tweeted that she had been proposed to three times and 4 men wanted herĀ  to have their kids and she refused.

She wrote,”Queen know your worth.Being emotionally,physically and mentally abused just to crack a smile on Instagram with a ring on is not happiness.Being cheated, humiliated and belittled for the gram?”

She added,”New boy asked me if I could have his baby in one and a half years.On God I said I ain’t pushing out no babies till he buys me a ring .Then I just bust out laughing.

He said,”I’ll do whatever it takes.I’ll put a ring on it.Yet all I could think of is how I am enjoying my new found freedom.”

Offset took it personally and stated,”Since we met people have been hating and everyone has an opinion.God bless America.Alot of evil out here, alot of hate no love.”

He added,”Alot of people want to be happy like me and wifey (Cardi B) but they aren’t.Miserable!”

The Barbz aka the Kingdom(Nicki’s fans) attacked Offset asking him why he assumed Nicki was talking about them.Offset immediately deleted everything he had written.

However alot of people felt like Nicki was talking about Cardi B because Offset proposed to her after being busted cheating on her a couple of times with other women.

Last week fans felt like Nicki was still throwing jabs at Cardi B after she said that she writes her own lyrics unlike Cardi who used ghost writers in her latest album ‘Invasion of privacy’.


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