TI Caught Cheating On Tiny With Actress

Rapper TI was caught on tape being unfaithful to his wife Tiny with actress Asiah Epperson.

The two were backstage.Fans recorded the two and sent the video to the shaderoom where it was exposed to the public.

TI went on a social media rant and said that he will always be there for his kids and family.

The Whatever you like rapper said,”I don’t care about gossip and the blogs cause anytime anybody needs me. I will always be there.

Actress Asiah Epperson spoke out on Snapchat  and said,”People always want to put a 10 and a 2 together and make something out of nothing.Aint nobody got time for that.”

She added,”I have better things to do than to read comments from strangers that don’t know anything about me.”

Rapper TI has been accused several times of infidelity with the reality star Tiny Harris always taking him back.

Tiny went on Instagram and posted a picture of her and in the comment section liked comments that were attacking her husband TI.

The xcape singer liked comments such as ‘TI will be the biggest hypocrite I have ever seen’ and ‘He isn’t only doing Tiny wrong but also disrespecting his kids.’

Some of the comments were asking Tiny to divorce TI because of the multiple infidelities and people are beginning to look at her as a doormat.

Last year Tiny filed for divorce after reports surfaced TI was cheating on her with a lady by the name Bernice Burgos but the two ended up reconciling.


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