Tiffany Haddish Finally Reveals Who Bit Beyonce At Jay Z’s After-party

A few months ago Girls trip actress Tiffany Haddish went on an interview with the Hollywood Reporter and accused actress Sanaa Lathan of biting Beyonce’s cheek during an after party Jay z had after his concert.

According to the comedian the actress was getting too close to Jay z and the singer was uncomfortable with it.So she asked her to back off and give Jay z some space.

Tifanny having witnessed everything asked Beyonce whether she could confront her and the crazy in love singer told her not to because Sanaa was drunk and didn’t comprehend what she had done.

After Sanaa being attacked by the Beyhive she went on social media and said that if she ever bit Beyonce it would be a love bite.

The beyhive then decided to turn around and attack Tiffany Haddish for not revealing who really bit Beyonce. Yesterday Tifanny revealed that it was Sanaa and that her family was upset because it would ruin her career.

“Am good friends with her step mum and Dad.They asked me why I was trying to ruin Sanaa’s career.I told them that I wasn’t trying to cause I didn’t mention her name.I was just saying how Beyonce had kept me from going to jail that night.I could have gone to jail that night.”

Tiffany Haddish shot to fame last year for her role on Girls trip.The actress originally started off as a comedian and blommed into an actress.

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