Tinashe’s Trials And Tribulations In The Music Industry

Singer and Songwriter Tinashe was scheduled to released her next album ‘Nashe’ but her record label RCA cancelled the album release.She responded on Instagram by posting hearts and broken hearts. Earlier this year the turn me on singer released her album’Joyride’ that didn’t do so well in the billboard 100.The album had a single called no drama with Offset and only sold  9800 copies in the first week.

The label was disappointed and decided to scrap her whole album. Before she was signed to RCA she was releasing mixtapes that she wrote and produced.She had a bigger fan base that she could go on tour.Her mixtapes drew in her own listeners and her last mixtape ‘Before we die’  did so well that RCA signed her.Her first album with RCA was called Aquarius and sold 18,000 copies in the first week.This was disappointing because the record label thought she could do better.They  didn’t prioritize her albums after that because they put in a lot of money in her projects and made a loss in return.

She wanted to relese her second album Joyride but Zayn Malik was a priority for the label and they chose to invest more money in his project than hers.She complained several times that the label was focused on Zayn than they were focused on her.She also fell out with Rihanna’s team when she allegedly accused the ‘work’ singer of trying to steal her song ‘Joyride’ off her album by offering more money to the writers of the song.She offered more money for the song  but unfortunately she wasn’t able to released it in 2016.She released it in 2017 in an album that RCA approved.The label also wanted her to collaborate with different artists while working on her album so her music could get more attention.

She released a song with Chris Brown called Player as her leading single but it was scrapped by the label. She later fell out with Chris Brown after he made insensitive comments about Kehlani. She had songs with Dr Luke but the songs were never released because of his allegations.She also made insensitive comment in her interview with the Guardian about Rihanna and Beyonce and not being accepted because of them.The public didn’t take her comments lightly  and this hurt her career..

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