Wendy Williams Gets Dragged Into Pusha T And Drake’s Beef

Wendy Williams host of the Wendy Williams Show got dragged into Drake’s beef with Pusha T when she talked about it on her show.

Wendy was describing how the beef all started and made fun of Drake’s father’s apprearaap by saying he like Steve Harvey suits.

“What are you doing in black face black man?The picture is disgusting.What are you doing Drake?You don’t write your own music and you are stupid enough to wear blackface.He also parades his dad in Steve Harvey suits.Rihanna you dodged a bullet.”

Drake’s father replied,”I have always admired and grown to love your show.It is important to research your content before sharing it with your audience but this Rupaul Drag Race Queen.You stepped out of line.Do your research before you try to be funny with your 79 capacity audience.I lost all respect for you.

Wendy replied and said,”I am watching the battle closely.I don’t know why Drake’s dad is mad.All I did was recite Pusha T’s lyrics.All jokes aside I like his dad’s Steve Harvey suits.He is a sharp dresser.That beefsteak Charlie moustache is just mean.Just mean.

In the song Upset from his coming album scorpion.Drake rants about paying child support which looks bad on him and in a way supports what Pusha T wrote in his song the story of Addidon.

Drake has gotten heat for using blackface in one of his photoshoots.Blackface is considered offensive in the black community cause White people used to apply black stuff on their face and used it to mock and ridicule black people in plays and movies.

According to the photographer who took the photos he said that the hot line bling singer was trying to make a statement.

Pusha T and Drake are feuding at the moment and have currently dropped diss tracks about each other.

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